A range of e-liquids. In a  consultation we can help you choose the right one for you.

An hour of personal advice on quitting by vaping from a physician trained in smoking cessation.


The session can take place in your home or office, or in a coffee shop or other location of your choosing, in the GTA. The topics covered are:

1) Mutual introductions

    Who I am and why I am passionate about helping smokers to quit.

     Who you are. Your history with tobacco. How you feel about quitting.

2) A brief review of the health issues associated with tobacco use.

3) How quitting reduces and eventually eliminates the health risks of smoking.

4) Introduction to vaping and e-cigarettes. The differences between smoking and vaping.

5) Ways to stop smoking. Is vaping the best option for you? 

6) (Optional) Practical advice about how to quit by vaping. 

An opportunity to try vaping with an e-cigarette under medical supervision.

Key messages:

It is not your fault that you are still smoking. You probably started before your brain was fully developed, and the tobacco industry deliberately made cigarettes as addictive as possible.

You are not alone. 4.6 million Canadians, 15% of the population, still smoke.

If you continue to smoke the long-term health risks are very serious. If you quit, the poisons leave your body and the risks eventually fade away.

Quitting smoking is hard and usually takes multiple attempts, but it can be done.

Quitting "cold turkey" or using nicotine replacement therapy such as the patch or gum are the safest options and work for some people.

Vaping has risks, but is much safer than smoking. Done properly, quitting by vaping has a higher success rate than using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

If you have not been able to quit cigarettes cold turkey or with NRT, then you should try to quit by vaping. 

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Quit by Vaping accepts cash or personal checks, or you may use PayPal to pay by Credit card below.

The fee is $150.00 for the public, $75.00 for CSI members. Your health insurance plan may cover all or part of the cost.